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Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

High Performance

Your site benefits from a fully WordPress optimized technical stack powered by Google Cloud Platform.

High Availability

Enjoy a redundant, Docker based cloud architecture built for scale and resilience.

Guaranteed Security

Forget about hackers. Your site is protected by Astra Pro, a powerful 360° security service.

Automated Backups

Your site is automatically backed up every day. Manual backups and restores has never been easier.

Powered By:

Google Cloud

Cloud Infrastructure Optimized For WordPress

Enjoy premium performance and reliability thanks to our new generation cloud infrastructure.

Enjoy the reliability and performance of one of the best cloud platform on the market. Google Cloud has its own fiber network which guarantees optimal bandwidth.

We only rely on managed Google Cloud services offering the best SLA level.


Auto Healing

If your site crashes, it will instantly be re-deployed on a new container.


Our stack is optimized for best WordPress performance.

Isolated Container

Each container benefits from dedicated resources and environment (Nginx / PHP) for optmal security and performance.

Unlimited Scalability

Your traffic is growing? Our cloud architecture makes it super easy to raise the resources allocated to your site.

Unlimited Scalability

Your traffic is growing? Our cloud architecture makes it super easy to raise the resources allocated to your site.

Secure WordPress Hosting

The security of your WordPress websites is critical for you business. That’s why we do everything to prevent any hack and will fix your website for free if it get hacked anyway.


Isolated Environment

Unlike most hosts, we provide fully isolated Docker containers for each website. It means that your sites enjoy dedicated resources and run dedicated PHP and Nginx process which prevents intrusions or noisy neighbour issues.

Encrypted Connexions

We provide free SSL certificates to encrypt your site connexions in HTTPS.
We only provide secured and encrypted (SFTP / SSH) connections rather than FTP.


Security Best Practices

Optimized file permissions
Hotlinking prevention
Disabled WordPress editor


Secure Collaboration

Log into all your sites with a simple click and without using any password thanks to Single Sign On.
You can also easily invite users to securely collaborate on your projects.


Read Only Mode

Enable read only mode to prevent any file modification on static websites.

Guaranteed Security

If your site gets hacked anyway we will fix it for free!

We migrate your sites for free

You don’t have the time to take care of your sites migration? We will take care of it for free and within a few days.

Benchmark your site performance for fee

Enough blabla! We are serious about speed and we prove it! Let us clone your website on our platform and send you a performance benchmark, for free!

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