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Real-Life Examples of Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing can be challenging. We’ve put together different real-life examples on how to implement data-driven marketing in your plans and how to improve your return on investment (ROI).

Personalising Marketing Messages Using Demographic Data

Demographic data is necessary because it reveals information regarding a customer’s needs and interests. Demographic data includes but is not limited to a customer’s occupation, age, gender, and location. These customer insights can help you create and deliver an improved and focused message for marketing that can help you deliver a greater return from your campaign efforts.


Implementing Customer Behavior Data to Improve Email Campaigns

Your business may already have amazing results with its email campaigns, but there’s always room for improvement. You may have 500 individuals who signed up to receive your newsletter, but of the 500 individuals, 350 remain engaged. One hundred fifty individuals signed up for your newsletter but are not engaged. You can create a system that informs you when people sign up for your newsletters but have not purchased a product or service. Using data-driven marketing in this situation helps you analyse customer behaviours and take appropriate action to improve these behaviours.


Improving Advertising Campaigns Using Sales and Customer Behaviour Data

Combining information, such as sales and customer behaviour, is great if you offer services or products during a specific time of year. One of the perks of only offering services or products during a specific time of year is not having to hassle yourself to create engaging ads year-round. On the downside of things, you have to figure out when is your best time to advertise. Learning your customer’s behaviour can help you strategise and plan your marketing methods and techniques, so your marketing efforts and resources are not wasted. Creating an accurate chart of your sales will tell you when you made the most sales and which items were purchased. Sales insight gives you the information you need to put your best foot forward with advertising.


Making the Most of Weather Data

Knowing the weather not only helps you decide how to dress and what to wear, but it also enables you to personalise your website offers. Most customers want ads that are tailored to fit them specifically. Everyone wants to feel special. One way you can engage your customers and boost your sales is by using the weather. In addition to website offers, you can improve your personalisation efforts. More people are willing to click on your website banner to see which products and services you offer, even if your brand is unfamiliar to them. Personalisation makes the customer feel special and helps you create and deliver a marketing message that is relevant to their needs and wants. You have tons of options when it comes to personalising ads. You can incorporate the weather for the customer’s current location, address them by their first or last name, use current events, or any other information that resonates with them.


Improving Your Marketing Channels Using Advertising Data

Most business owners consider an insufficient budget as a cause of marketing failure. While there is truth to this matter, an insufficient budget is not the only cause for your business to fail with its marketing efforts. Many marketers experience failure with their marketing plans due to their target channels. In addition to a lack of sufficient data for a target channel, marketers also do not have the proper insights to help them set up successful campaigns. If you have been in business before 2014, you may remember when keyword data gave you a quick and easy advantage over the competition if this technique was applied correctly. You will also remember when Google blocked the use of keyword data and sent you scrambling for new ideas, techniques, and methods. If you were like many business owners five years ago, you made the transition from keyword data to paid advertisements. To maximise your business’s full potential, you need to work on improving your marketing channels. Improving each marketing channel is similar to having a few different backup plans for your primary plan.


Using Customer Behaviour to Retarget Your Website

First impressions are essential. You need to make sure your website features a neat and organised layout with a font that is easy to read. Most first-time visitors do not make a purchase, but if you use the correct techniques, you can convert them into a paying customer the next time they visit. Before you can convert visitors to paying customers, you need to stand apart from your competitors, so your company stays on their mind as the solution to their problem, and you need to provide visitors with valuable information so they will return to your site. The good news if retargeting helps you achieve both goals.


Use Visitor Feedback and Recordings to Increase Your Online Purchases

Using visitor data and feedback helps you identify potential problems with your site. Removing issues with your website improve the customer’s experience on your website. The more comfortable visitors are on your website, the more likely they are to visit your site multiple times. Knowing in-depth information about your visitors help you tailor your ads and the customer’s shopping experience for the best results.


Is Data-Driven Marketing Necessary

If the real-life examples haven’t convinced you of how much of an asset data-driven marketing is to your business, there’s more data-driven marketing can do for you. This type of marketing opens many doors of opportunity for your business. This type of marketing helps with personalisation and makes your marketing integration efforts easier. When it comes to marketing, you need to know what’s working for your business and areas where you can improve. Data-driven marketing helps you determine what your business needs and gives you insight on how you can improve your business by converting your site visitors into paying customers.

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