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Increase Conversions Using Data-Driven Content Strategy

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Building an online reputation for your brand can be a challenge, but this task will be next to impossible to complete without proper content marketing techniques and methods. Content marketing is important for building customer interaction using digital media. Did you know more than eighty-five per cent (85%) of B2C marketers, include content marketing in their business strategies? Content marketing is integral to different business operations.


Looking at the Facts

Although content marketing is essential for business success, less than six per cent (6%) of marketers believe they have approached content marketing and integrated it into their business successfully. More than twenty per cent (20%)of marketers consider their content marketing efforts using content moderately successful. Successful content marketing can be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with current trends and techniques. If you’re having issues perfecting your content marketing strategy, consider hiring a data-driven marketing agency in Dubai to help your business thrive.


Increasing Conversions

Increasing conversions requires a lot of thought and effort on your part. Once you get the information you need, increasing your conversions will be a walk in the park.


Getting Familiar with Your Target Audience

Your target audience is your potential customers, and you need to know as much about them as possible. Your content marketing strategy heavily relies on the data you receive from your target audience. Knowing your target audience requires you to know the customer’s preferences, needs, and habits. Obtaining information about these factors may be easy, but the challenging part is keeping up with this information as it changes. The information you collect will be used with various data sets and different analysis. A content marketing company in Dubai will use different analysis tools to help you learn about your customer demographics. Some of these demographics include a customer’s:


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Monthly spending pattern
  • Income
  • Location
  • Emotional triggers
  • Job title


You will also need to know what information your customers like, such as information regarding sports, cooking, culture, gaming, technology, and other popular subjects.


Meeting the Data Analysis Family

Data analysis is more involved than many people think. The different types of analysis are:

  • Website
  • Content
  • Keyword
  • Competitor


Website analysis – A data-driven digital marketing company can conduct a detailed analysis of your website with SEO. Make sure you browse the content on your site and your blog to see which pages of your website customers visit the most and what content interests your customers. The data you collect lets you know what your customers prefer. Some customers may prefer to be informed about their favourite topics in podcast form, while other customers prefer to watch informative videos or read blog posts.

Content analysis – with content analysis, you’ll need to be aware of different content types and trending topics. The trending topics need to be current in your industry or niche on the internet. You can find trending topics and other information on social media platforms. Where does your target audience hang out? Which social media platforms do they use? Your most popular content holds the secret to what your customers are looking for and what they need. Finding content that resonates with your audience is the key to helping your business thrive and succeed.

Keyword analysis – Keyword analysis data is similar to content analysis data. Keyword analysis requires you to find exclusive data involving trending keywords. Trending keyword data gives you the information you need to create engaging content. A data-driven marketing agency in Dubai also offers content writing services to help you build a data-driven content strategy that is unique to your business.

Competitor analysis – you need to know as much information about your competitors as possible. Look at the websites of your competitors and look at their content strategy — view competitor’s social media profiles to help you understand how they are engaging their audience.


Using the Right Content

Using the right content requires you to create content based on the data you gathered using different analysis. When you’re creating content, keep in mind you need:

  • A unique title and subheadings
  • Detailed information about the topic
  • To provide useful information for your target audience
  • To maintain the proper tone of voice throughout the content


Creating Your Content Delivery Network

Your content delivery network will help you better reach your target audience. Quality and timing are crucial to getting your content to your audience when they need it. A reliable, successful content delivery network requires data you collect regarding when your target audience gets online, how long they stay online, and where they are when they get online. If you don’t plan on using historical data, you’ll have to endure the trial-and-error process of publishing content at various times to see which times your content is the most engaged with your audience.


Checking Your Content’s Performance

To make sure your content strategy is successful, you need to check your content’s performance. Marketing trends and customer interests are constantly changing and evolving, which means you have to keep up with a variety of factors, such as:

  • Monitoring user behaviour
  • Checking for changes in audience engagement
  • Using the correct analytic tools to determine specific costs and calculating your return on investment (ROI)


The statement “content is king” still holds from many years ago. You need content to spread the word about your business. Thanks to the internet, people around the world have access to your content, and you can provide useful information to the entire world. A data-driven digital marketing company can help you get the best results from your content marketing efforts and climb the success ladder. Getting ahead of the competition isn’t as hard as you may have imagined.

Let a content marketing company in Dubai help you set your company up for success using trending techniques and methods using SEO and a variety of other practices. Contact a BizRamp, a data-driven marketing agency in Dubai regarding your content writing services.


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