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Drive Business Growth through Data-driven Marketing Transformation


Business growth, like any other type of growth, requires a transformation. Did you know the most excellent digital marketers have more than 1.4 times more cost benefits and as much as 2.5 more revenue impact? How is this possible? Read on to learn more about using data-driven marketing to encourage strong business growth.


Getting Started

Getting started with data-driven marketing can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where or how to start. First, you need to know the most effective practices to use. These essential practices include using machine-based learning technologies in its advanced form, connecting data, and applying actionable measurements.


1. Using Machine-Based Learning Technologies 

Machine-based learning for marketing has a variety of benefits, including data input, rapid processing, action systems, and learning from past behaviours.


2. Data input

Machine learning for marketing provides large amounts of data input from a variety of sources. You can use this data to adjust your brand message according to recent customer behaviours. Machine learning gives you access to massive amounts of detailed data that helps you identify relevant variables and allowing focused data feeds while limiting complex and drawn out integrations.


3. Rapid processing

Being able to act in real-time is a priceless asset for your business. Processing is the speed at which a machine can consume data and distinguish between relevant and non-relevant data. A machine that is capable of rapid processing can intake substantial amounts of data and process the data in real-time. Real-time processing provides the best custom offer for your customers based on current trends and needs.


4. Action systems

Action systems are beneficial because they help deliver a compelling marketing brand message. These systems provide detailed information regarding customer behaviour.


5. Learning from past behaviours

Learning from past behaviours is similar to learning from your mistakes, but you also learn from your success. When you learn from past behaviours, you can better predict outcomes and improve your upcoming predictions based on the new data provided.


How to Drive Strong Business Growth Using Data-Driven Marketing Transformation


1. Advanced Data-Driven Technology vs. People

As advanced as technology is, it still can’t replace people. The current technology your business uses is important, but people provide vital information that is essential for driving performance results. Your business requires the help of people to:

  • Make smart strategic decisions
  • Optimise technology
  • Make decisions on how to best apply machine learning-based algorithms and patterns
  • Meet campaign objectives
  • Categorise customer behaviours and characteristics


Using a combination of machines and humans in your business can improve your campaign metrics by at least 20% over time. 


2. Scaling the Impact of Your Campaigns

When it comes to your campaigns, you need to take an organisational and technical approach. Brands that are organizationally mature have at least 1.4 greater cost benefits in addition to having more than 2.4 times the impact with data-driven marketing revenue. Organisations with low-maturity marketing efforts do not have such success with their data-driven marketing efforts.


3. Getting Your Win-Win Solution

Getting a win-win solution for your business can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Make sure you include your senior stakeholders in your plans. Before you can start the scaling process for your business to reach new heights, you need to create momentum. You can create momentum for your business by using systematic testing techniques, learning from the data you find, and presenting your senior stakeholders with precise information.


What Are the Benefits of Through Data-Driven Marketing for Transformation Purposes

Data-driven marketing for transformation purposes is something your business can’t afford to continue operation without using it.

  • Personalisation – personalisation is essential for your business because it allows you to create highly effective targeted campaigns with personalised messages. Personalising your data-driven marketing efforts gives you a higher return on investments (ROI), which can boost delivery times, effectiveness, and successful engagement.
  • Marketing integration – if you’re interested in making your marketing efforts easier, you need to focus on marketing integration. Data-driven marketing makes your marketing efforts easier by allowing you to leverage your data and use it to expand your target audience using more than one channel of communication.
  • The trial-and-error-process – the trial-and-error process helps you determine which marketing practices are working for your business and which ones are working against your business. This process helps you identify problematic areas and gives you the information you need to improve these marketing practices.
  • Simple segmentation – some business processes can be simplified without compromising the quality of your work or their outcomes. Simple segmentation enables you to easily target consumers and discover valuable, accurate information that you can use to take different actions to help your business succeed.
  • Product development – product development is tricky, and it’s worse when you don’t use data-driven marketing facts and statistics. Data-driven marketing reduces product failure by allowing you to understand better the customers you’re serving so you can develop products they need.


You need to monitor your campaign results continuously. Measuring your campaign results help you determine which strategies are working best for your company and which strategies need to be altered or removed altogether.

Adopting data-driven marketing requires your business to embrace automation and learn how to collaborate effectively. It would help if you also learned how to assess the efforts of the competition. You can determine which techniques to use and which ones to avoid by paying attention to the competition’s success and failure.

Your business means a lot, and we understand that. At BizRamp, we pride ourselves in helping companies reach their full potential. When you’re ready to take your company to the next step, contact us. We’re prepared to learn about your business goals and help you achieve them.

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