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Integrate all your Data to Create a Centralized Performance View

Companies are spending thousands of dollars on digital marketing campaigns, but lack the ability to evaluate their effectiveness and the tools to gather holistic and easy to understand overview of their marketing spends.

BizRamp centralises, integrates, and interactively visualises your company’s marketing data from all major sources automatically. By providing you with a holistic, easy to understand marketing performance overview in near real-time, you can effectively evaluate your marketing spends, develop effective digital strategies, and make actionable data-driven decisions.

Data Centralization Process


BizRamp automatically collects data from all your digital marketing channels, website, CRM, and e-commerce, and centralise them all in one place.


Our Data Engineers build data pipelines to automatically clean and transform the data as well as set automated data governance processes.


The centralised and transformed data are integrated so you can have a holistic overview of the campaigns.


As a result, detailed campaign reports are generated in near real-time for the whole organisation and can be personalised based on the needs of the business.


The centralised marketing data opens new opportunities to connect marketing data to machine learning applications as well as the activation on multiple marketing channels.

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Evaluate whether the money you are spending is effectively being used via different key performance indicators with BizRamp’s centralized and near real-time campaign monitoring dashboard.

Managers and campaign handlers spend hours analysing and producing reports to understand the digital marketing channel performance. We help you automate the time-consuming, inefficient reporting and divert the focus on strategies and optimisation.

The lack of checks and balances as well as the unavailability of data prevents marketing efforts from being optimised. We help you with daily optimisation via near real-time performance dashboards while allocating your marketing budget to the right channel, audience, demographic, and customer segments.

Instead of a static, manual report that takes hours to produce, we provide you with several marketing performance dashboards where you can easily select options, update data, and generate the reports you need in a matter of seconds.

Incomplete and incomprehensible data affects downstream analytics and decision-making. We help you get automated, near real-time dashboards by utilising your company’s digital marketing data, so you can make effective data-driven decisions and understand your target customers better.


For effective, timely decision-making and strategies, up-to-date analysis of campaign performance is necessary. We help you eliminate the time-consuming processes that delay performance updates.

A customary and repeated process is not scalable. We create data pipelines where you don’t need to do the same transformation repeatedly for data updates, saving you your valuable time for more important matters.

Reports based in Excel or shared in similar platforms are not always accessible to all users. We help managers and teams access up-to-date data anywhere and anytime via secured logins on web portals and mobile application for easier and convenient access to information.

Manual collection of data from different platforms for a complete overview is a very time-consuming task. We help you automate the data collection, integration, and data visualisation to unify the scattered data from multiple digital marketing platforms on a single dashboard.

Manually-processed data results in inaccuracies, poor data and trafficking, and questionable analytics integrity. Our robust data pipelines come with data governance infrastructure to make sure the data are correct, which then enable fast decision-making and save time and effort on data checks.


Excel reports being static and hard to navigate, users take time to draw information, which results in unutilised digital marketing data. We create personalised user-friendly dashboards after careful understanding of the user’s needs and makes sure the digital marketing data is fully utilised into valuable and effective marketing strategies.

Data insights that are limited in time and quality cannot be input into data strategies to reevaluate and make corrective actions. By making use of unutilised digital marketing data of your company, we help you get valuable information from your previous campaign strategies, evaluate them against the actual performance, and tailor the right strategies to meet your objectives effectively.

Manual benchmark comparisons require that each metric be compared with industry benchmarks or historical data. We integrate the benchmark data with actual performance data and visualise them to help you understand key marketing KPIs and benchmarks at a glance.

Manual benchmark comparisons require that each metric be compared with industry benchmarks or historical data. We help you integrate the benchmark data with actual performance data and visualize it for you to help you understand key marketing KPIs in relation to benchmarks at one glance

Uncontrolled data from different platforms and unreliable reports generated from these platforms may not meet your specific needs. We help you have better control over your company’s digital marketing data so you can tailor data-focused strategies based on your objectives.

Data Sources

Below are some of the major marketing datasources from where we collect, transform and visualize data from to provide a holistic marketing performance overview.

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