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BizRamp Free SEO Checker Tool | Audit your Website Performance

Popular search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, use different factors to rank a website. BizRamp SEO Checker is a website SEO checking tool that reviews different website ranking factors and informs you of various issues that are preventing your site from ranking highly on different search engines. These issues are prioritized and organized in a list that reveals clear information and recommendations that will give your business site a boost in search engine rank.


Which Factors Do Search Engines Use to Rank Websites?

Some of the essential factors search engines use to rank a website include:

  • Security and access
  • Page speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • URL, authority, and domain age
  • Optimized content
  • Technical SEO


1. Security and access

Cyber threats are a problem on a large scale, which means your website security efforts need to remain updated. As far as access is concerned, search engines need to be able to inspect your website and determine its worthiness.


2. Page speed

Slow page speeds make you lose customers because no one wants to wait to get the information they need. Page speed is a significant webpage ranking factor. Search engines, especially Google, want internet users to have the best experience while they’re browsing the web. If your website loads slowly, you could be penalized.


3. Mobile-friendliness

Most people surf the internet on their phones, which is why your website needs to be optimized for mobile use. To have a mobile-friendly site, make sure your website font is easy to read, the website is easy to navigate, and has high-quality content. Your website should not overrun the content with ads. Make sure your website is responsive and automatically scales itself to fit the appropriate screen size for the device a visitor is using.


4. URL, authority, and domain age

Your website URL, authority, and domain age all work together to help search engines determine your site’s value. The longer you maintain the same domain, the more search engines will consider your site an asset. When it comes to your website having authority, you need high-quality content. High-quality content helps you become a leader in your niche, which is excellent for generating traffic.


5. Optimized content

Optimized content is another critical Google ranking factor. Keyword research, keyword phrases, and keyword placement are all essential in creating optimized content. Why? Google uses an algorithm that relies on keywords to help with the ranking of your website. LSI keywords are also important. These keywords are latent semantic indexing keywords, and they help with online word association to help Google determine relevant results to show.


6. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a broad spectrum that covers different aspects of page ranking, including keyword phrases, header tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, and other information. You need to use technical SEO practices throughout your website and in the content to help Google with indexing your website. Using technical SEO practices gives you better search engine ranks.

As you can see, ranking highly on the Google search engine can be complicated. The BizRamp SEO checker tool can help improve your rankings.

Getting Help with Website Rank Using the BizRamp SEO Checker Tool

You have a variety of options when it comes to the tools you can use to boost your website rankings, but the BizRamp SEO Checker Tool is your one-stop-shop for your website ranking tools.


What Can the BizRamp SEO Checker Tool Do for You?

The BizRamp SEO Checker tool is an SEO audit tool you can use for free. This SEO audit tool performs a detailed analysis using over 95 website data points. You are provided with the information this SEO checker tool finds, and you can use this data to help you take the necessary steps to help you improve your online presence and use different search engines to your advantage.

This SEO checker is designed with website owners, agencies, website designers, and anyone who would like to improve their website’s rank on a search engine. Whether you’re interested in improving your website or your client’s site, the BizRamp SEO checker tool will help you achieve your search engine ranking goal.


What Makes the BizRamp SEO Checker Better Than Similar SEO Tools?

The BizRamp SEO checker tool has a variety of features other SEO checker tools do not, including quick SEO analysis execution, Javascript rendering, and other useful features.

Did you know BizRamp SEO checker has different useful tools that are free to use? A few of the free popular SEO tools include ones for meta tags, backlink checker, and other generation tools that can perfect your website.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our SEO checker tool, we have a variety of blogs available that will help you understand how our tools work and how you can use them to your advantage. It’s time for you to take your business success to the next level.

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