Who Are We

We are a group of young professionals covering the extremes of data and business. Our uniquely connected skills enable us to understand business challenges, and we use our technical expertise to find realistic solutions to address them.

With over 12 years of combined experience in Digital Marketing and Data Engineering along with our comprehensive background in multiple industries such as Real Estate, Electronics, E-Commerce, Business Consultancy, Hospitality and Tourism, Information Technology, and Entertainment industry, BizRamp understands the complexities of data and marketing and we exist to cater the needs of businesses.

We strive to understand what your business needs to succeed by providing you with insightful business consultation. We help you make powerful and effective decisions that increase your ROI and performance. We are dedicated to helping you achieve sustained growth every day. 


What We Do

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Management

BizRamp centralises, integrates, and interactively visualises your company’s marketing data from all major sources automatically. By providing you with a holistic, easy to understand marketing performance overview in near real-time, you can effectively evaluate your marketing spends, develop effective digital strategies, and make actionable data-driven decisions.

Digital Marketing Data Automation

Driven by innovative technology, marketing data, and organisational strategy, we transform companies through enhanced experiences. We provide an extensive array of digital solutions such as Digital Marketing Strategy and Campaign Management, Web Development and Design, Content Management, Brand Management, and Digital Marketing Analytics.

BizRamp Website Hosting Powered by Google Cloud

Your site benefits from a fully WordPress optimized technical stack powered by Google Cloud Platform. Enjoy a redundant, Docker based cloud architecture built for scale and resilience.

Digital Process Automation

Using data automation and processes, we aim to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and add value to your business by analysing all the ineffective processes of your organisation and implement automated alternatives.


Our mission is to provide companies with creative, data-centered marketing solutions that have measurable value by utilizing our expertise in digital marketing, data analytics, data engineering, and UX design.


BizRamp aims to be the industry leader that transforms marketing data into income-generating, long-term solutions for small and large businesses on a global level.

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