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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2020

A new decade in marketing has begun. A new year can bring a variety of changes to your business. Here are ten digital marketing predictions for 2020 that will give your business a competitive advantage.

1. Snack-Worthy Video Content

You need content that grasps the attention of viewers. There are tons of videos on the internet, which means your video content not only have to be creative; it also has to be clever and snackable. Snackable? Yes. Snackable content is content that is the perfect length and contains beneficial information. A human’s attention span is 12 seconds or less. It would help if you aimed to make your video content relevant and concise. If you take too long to relay a message to the customer, you will lose them to the competition. One of the factors of success with creating snackable, shareable content is to reimagine storytelling in your ads. Using machine learning can help you create custom variations for engagement.


2. Using Voice Assistants

The use of voice assistants is predicted to be at an all-time high. In 2019, the use of voice assistants increased by more than 8.5%. The year 2020 holds more promise to voice assistants being used. Currently, voice assistants can take commands to help with sending emails and telling time. Voice assistants in the home, it can respond to the needs and emotions of a customer at the time of interaction. Voice assistants are vital to the business industry because it allows you to create unmatched, effortless, and instant experiences for your customers.


3. Transforming Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing transformation is required for business success. What was once expected of the more sophisticated level of services is now the norm. Digital marketing will be an even stronger trend in 2020. If you haven’t already, you can transform digital marketing for your business by using a variety of apps that can implement micro-moment marketing, create highly innovative content, and strive to create personalized content by using videos, augmented reality (AR), photos, graphics, and more.

4. Using Inclusive Marketing

In 2020, providing customers with product information isn’t enough. Customers want to get to know your brand as much as your business wants to know them. Customers are starting to demand more information from brands, such as your perspective on topics that are important to them. Customers are curious about your brand and how it positively impacts and contributes to certain situations. Customers will focus more on your business’s character and ethics, which can include your business’s views on climate change, diversity, sustainability, inclusion, and more.


5. Enhancing the Mobile Customer Experience

The year 2020 brings more customers who are looking for an enhanced, hassle-free experience across multiple platforms, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. Currently, the conversion rates for mobile devices fall short when compared to those of a desktop. As a marketer, you’ll want to stay on top of things, so you don’t fall behind the competition. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to invest in new technologies and tailor the experiences for each customer search behaviour. It would be best if you also considered taking advanced measurements and techniques to use to help you map your customer’s journey better. You can take your efforts a step further by implementing automated bidding to increase the value of your campaign bids.


6. Improving Your Brand Transparency

Brand transparency is a focal point in 2020. Customers want to know what your brand offers and how it benefits them. If you’re trying to set your business apart from the competition using brand transparency, you need to be upfront and clear about the role your company plays in society and the steps you’re taking to improve your business.


7. Using Personalization on a Large Scale

Traditional marketing efforts are not as effective as they once were because this marketing has been altered by machine learning. Using machine learning to collect a variety of data has different perks. Using machine learning to collect data provides insight into customer journeys and help you increase their engagement at specific moments. When you use machine learning data responsibility, you can make your marketing effort more personal.


8. Visualizing the Search

Previously, an engine search on the computer revealed a lot of text, until 2000, when Google Images was introduced. In 2020, you’ll need to master the perfect balance of text and images to receive desirable results. From 2016 to 2018, mobile image searches increased by more than 55%. You need to make visualizing search a priority to help your customers find what they need a lot easier.


9. Putting Data-Driven Marketing to Good Use

As a marketer, you’ll use different technology, including automation and machine learning, to provide the best results. In previous times, ruled-based marketing was a rule of thumb. Today, rule-based marketing is less effective. Customers expect you to cater to their personal needs. Use predictive models if you want to engage your customers more. When you use machine learning, you have more control over your bidding strategies. Using predictive models allow you to focus on other important aspects of marketing, such as valuable conversions to have a better return on investment.


10. Focusing on Creative-Led Campaigns

The bottom line is creative-led campaigns have an increased chance of making an impact on audiences. In 2020, consumer insights play an important role in creative-first strategies. When you base your strategies on consumer insights, you have room for flexibility and creativity. You can also change your strategies, so the most relevant ads are shown at the right time to the right people.

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